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Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Bundle of Joy. The Beauty of God's creation.

That's Kaira and she turns ONE on the 21st Nov!!

The last one year has really been a journey of discovery for me and also a time of learning to rely on the Lord for strength and wisdom as i take care of her everyday.

It was tough, especially the first 6 months. There was just so much adjustments to be made ..... and looking back, i can see so many areas that i can improve on but there is no turning back of the clock and I can only look forward! :)

Everyday as she grows, it really does get better and more fun! [in spite of how tired I am at the end of the day. ;)]

Thank God for the privilege of being able to be @ home with her everyday (even though, i will say this again, i think i am better @ work than @ home!). i know many who would trade places with me.

Here's juz a glimpse of how she's has grown in the last one year.

May you continue to bring joy to the people around you. And may you blossom in God's hands....for you are indeed God's beautiful creation.

We love you much.

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