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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My Baby is growing up .....

she's abt 10.5 months and in the last 1 week or so, i think she is beginning to understand the concept of object permanence and i can leave her for a couple of minutes in the play yard, play pen or bed and she will occupy herself and wait for my return. Praise the Lord.
(of course if i take too long, she will start to make noise and protest!)

Now, besides being able to take things out of a box, she can put them back. she can also accurately put the loops through the loop holder most of the time! and when i ask her to take things and pass to me, she will do it. and when i ask her to put them back, most of the time she will do it too.

Sometimes I am like "Wow" .... its amazing seeing her grow and develop each day. even more amazing that God has entrusted this little one to us to be her carers while on earth.

Sometimes i look at her and i tear .... i love her soooooooo much. despite tne initial frustrations and stress and what have u. and thank God that each day is indeed a better day for God is good, all the time!

i pray that she will grow up to be all that God wants her to be, and in His time everything will fall into place for her. Being a mum now, i am acutely aware of my limitations as a mum and glad that God is the one looking after her everyday. for He loves her infinitely more than I do.

1 comment:

k@Ye_ said...

U re doing fine as a Mummy! Even though, u mentioned abt doing nothing!

Me as a working mum hor, no chance to teach Claire or witness Claire's "First".....

Keep it up! :)