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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My Baby is growing up - Part 2

personally, i think she has a shy personality. (that's what i think lah!) coupled with baby stranger anxiety was quite pronounced in her in the earlier months.

but now i am beginning to see improvement. after 1.5 months of attending the same church, she now "dares" to wave at the adults and children there, shake hands (sometimes) and "mingle" with their children (around the same age). initially, every sunday she will "shy" away from the people who tries to be friendly with her. and when i bring her to the children's room (for kids below 2), she will stick to me. or do her own things like crawl and "eat" stuff!!! but now, she sometimes even try to "join" in what the other children are doing....yeah!

so glad to see her warming up to "Strangers". next is to find her more "play groups"!

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