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Thursday, October 30, 2008

First visit to the baby clinic here (Zuid Zorg)

today we brought kaira to the baby clinic after receiving notification from them. she weighs 10kg and is 78cm. and according to the software the clinic has, she will probably be abt 175cm tall when she grows up.... :)

had such a hard time getting her height and weight measured cos she was crying when we try to put her down on the scale ;( aiyo this gal really doesn't like "new" environments and strangers ...... the moment we put her down, cry buckets!! dunno when she will outgrow this ;(

she had 2 jabs today and after that so fussy the whole day ..... i am so not looking forward to tomorrow .....praying that she will not develop any fever and that she will be back to normal :)


Christine Ng said...

What jabs did she take? Poor gal. You remind me of my sister who brought my nephew to Holland when he was 10mths old. No family support, have to be very independent, must be tough on you.

Ms Long said...

so your sister lived in holland for how long? how old is your nephew?

wellz, it is tough without help around and also trying to adjust to the place etc. and honestly, this is not the most easy of places to adjust to! (i miss hong kong in this respect!!) but thank God for his grace that so far we've managed. and also thankful for a very supportive hubbie! else, i think i really "peng".