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Monday, October 20, 2008

A boring Sunday

Cos she juz recovered from her fever, we decided to stay home to let her fully rest and recuperate .... and she was really very bored!!! keep "complaining". hehehe.

so nothing much to do except practice her walking even more!


Christine Ng said...

Kaira walks very well. My boy can't walk yet... rather lazy alwys rolling around in bed only. Luckily he's very gentle & easy bb.. makes my life with 3kids easier! Btw what do you feed Kaira? Looks tough. My boy was borned bit @ 4kg but never put on much weight... think not 9kg yet!

Ms Long said...

i feed kaira porridge with veg and fish almost everyday. dunno what else to give her leh?? actually i wonder if she's "sian" of the same old food everyday ;p and of course her milk lah. now she's on friso, used to be on nestle. other than that, she has cheese, pasta, yoghurt, fruits and stuff. mostly organic (if available).

u mother of 3, u shud have more experience than me ;) muz share with me what u feed your boi and gals. and what u do with them everyday!!