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Monday, October 27, 2008

adjustments this weekend .....

yesterday, the clock was turned back 1 hour ... no big deal i thought! but alas, little miss kaira doesn't adjust so easily!! aaaarrrgh. so instead of waking up @ 8+am she wakes up @ 7+am...hope she adjusts to the new time soooooon...... and we thought we can help her adjust by letting her sleep 1 hour later for last 2 nites .... hmmmm doesn't help now my morning "schedule" (cos usually i wake up an hour before her to prepare her lunch, do some housework and stuff) is all topsy turvy and i have to ADJUST ....hahahaha.

and we bought her a front-facing car-seat on Saturday as she's getting a bit big for her back facing carseat. and mummy here never thought she needs to be "prep" for her new car seat! *duh* she cried buckets when we tried to put her into the new car seat! i was really surprised! so after that, had to keep "telling" her and giving her advance warning before we put her in the new car seat! not sure when she will get used to the new seat but i am juz so amazed @ her "resistance to change" sometimes!

sometimes she's like so "flexible", other times not.... shows she has her own "character" isn't it?? =p

and she's walking alot better now and with the new "boots" we bought her! 2 weeks ago when we first bought the new boots (before that she was wearing those soft-soled shoes but its a little too cold for that now) she's not that confident in them and would want to hold our hands when walking outside and will walk only for a short while before she wants to be carried. but this weekend that past, when we went to Ikea, to church and to Angela&John's place, she was walking around everywhere so confidently! sometimes she doesn't even "care" if we are around her, she juz wanders off!

Wow. think soon she will be running around!! *shudder*

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