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Monday, October 20, 2008

Adaptable beings ......

human beings are really very adaptable beings. that's what i think.

i say that cos i was reflecting on the past months and realised how i've "adapted" to living in a house here. before moving here, i wasn't really looking forward to living in a house. reasons i could think of were :

(1), its too BIG! imagine the amount of housework to be done!!! *yipes* i much prefer my 600 square feet hkg apartment *hehehe*
(2) i don't like insects/creepy crawlies etc, and i can imagine if one has a garden, bound to have them.
(3) imagine having to carry kaira up and down the steps everyday ..... so tiring.
(4) i've never stayed in a house before. and i have no desire to stay in one. i see myself as an "apartment" person *grin*

guess there are more reasons if i continue.

anyway, the point is, i've kind of gotten used to staying in the house now. so much so that some days i wonder if i will buy a house back home in singapore...hahahaha. but after much thought, i think i won't. at this moment, i still prefer apartment-living.

and also because we do all the housework ourselves and really, the thought of having to do so much housework ALL THE TIME puts me off! (of course there's the option of engaging help ..... but that's another "story" for another post....)

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