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Friday, October 31, 2008

Praise God....

that she was back to normal the very next day after the vaccination! although the nite before she couldn't really sleep well...guess her body was "fighting" the "vaccine" ... and it was quite a sleepless nite for us. but at least she was well and no fever the next day! Thank God - He heard our prayers alrite! :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

First visit to the baby clinic here (Zuid Zorg)

today we brought kaira to the baby clinic after receiving notification from them. she weighs 10kg and is 78cm. and according to the software the clinic has, she will probably be abt 175cm tall when she grows up.... :)

had such a hard time getting her height and weight measured cos she was crying when we try to put her down on the scale ;( aiyo this gal really doesn't like "new" environments and strangers ...... the moment we put her down, cry buckets!! dunno when she will outgrow this ;(

she had 2 jabs today and after that so fussy the whole day ..... i am so not looking forward to tomorrow .....praying that she will not develop any fever and that she will be back to normal :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

adjustments this weekend .....

yesterday, the clock was turned back 1 hour ... no big deal i thought! but alas, little miss kaira doesn't adjust so easily!! aaaarrrgh. so instead of waking up @ 8+am she wakes up @ 7+am...hope she adjusts to the new time soooooon...... and we thought we can help her adjust by letting her sleep 1 hour later for last 2 nites .... hmmmm doesn't help now my morning "schedule" (cos usually i wake up an hour before her to prepare her lunch, do some housework and stuff) is all topsy turvy and i have to ADJUST ....hahahaha.

and we bought her a front-facing car-seat on Saturday as she's getting a bit big for her back facing carseat. and mummy here never thought she needs to be "prep" for her new car seat! *duh* she cried buckets when we tried to put her into the new car seat! i was really surprised! so after that, had to keep "telling" her and giving her advance warning before we put her in the new car seat! not sure when she will get used to the new seat but i am juz so amazed @ her "resistance to change" sometimes!

sometimes she's like so "flexible", other times not.... shows she has her own "character" isn't it?? =p

and she's walking alot better now and with the new "boots" we bought her! 2 weeks ago when we first bought the new boots (before that she was wearing those soft-soled shoes but its a little too cold for that now) she's not that confident in them and would want to hold our hands when walking outside and will walk only for a short while before she wants to be carried. but this weekend that past, when we went to Ikea, to church and to Angela&John's place, she was walking around everywhere so confidently! sometimes she doesn't even "care" if we are around her, she juz wanders off!

Wow. think soon she will be running around!! *shudder*

Monday, October 20, 2008

A boring Sunday

Cos she juz recovered from her fever, we decided to stay home to let her fully rest and recuperate .... and she was really very bored!!! keep "complaining". hehehe.

so nothing much to do except practice her walking even more!

Adaptable beings ......

human beings are really very adaptable beings. that's what i think.

i say that cos i was reflecting on the past months and realised how i've "adapted" to living in a house here. before moving here, i wasn't really looking forward to living in a house. reasons i could think of were :

(1), its too BIG! imagine the amount of housework to be done!!! *yipes* i much prefer my 600 square feet hkg apartment *hehehe*
(2) i don't like insects/creepy crawlies etc, and i can imagine if one has a garden, bound to have them.
(3) imagine having to carry kaira up and down the steps everyday ..... so tiring.
(4) i've never stayed in a house before. and i have no desire to stay in one. i see myself as an "apartment" person *grin*

guess there are more reasons if i continue.

anyway, the point is, i've kind of gotten used to staying in the house now. so much so that some days i wonder if i will buy a house back home in singapore...hahahaha. but after much thought, i think i won't. at this moment, i still prefer apartment-living.

and also because we do all the housework ourselves and really, the thought of having to do so much housework ALL THE TIME puts me off! (of course there's the option of engaging help ..... but that's another "story" for another post....)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

No longer can she be called "boh gay"

FINALLY! today i can clearly see her bottom little white tooth (one only....although i understand that they are supposed to appear in pairs??? maybe the other will appear soon....) and last week she was already showing signs of teething as she didn't sleep well for a few nites. and this week, the same happened for the previous 2 nites. in addition, she was really fussy this afternoon and had to "sayang" her all the time and poor gal was running a slight fever.

with the help of the fever patch and paracetomol her fever subsided and hopefully it doesn't come back and she will "overcome" this teething period strong and well!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My Baby is growing up - Part 2

personally, i think she has a shy personality. (that's what i think lah!) coupled with baby stranger anxiety was quite pronounced in her in the earlier months.

but now i am beginning to see improvement. after 1.5 months of attending the same church, she now "dares" to wave at the adults and children there, shake hands (sometimes) and "mingle" with their children (around the same age). initially, every sunday she will "shy" away from the people who tries to be friendly with her. and when i bring her to the children's room (for kids below 2), she will stick to me. or do her own things like crawl and "eat" stuff!!! but now, she sometimes even try to "join" in what the other children are doing....yeah!

so glad to see her warming up to "Strangers". next is to find her more "play groups"!

My Baby is growing up .....

she's abt 10.5 months and in the last 1 week or so, i think she is beginning to understand the concept of object permanence and i can leave her for a couple of minutes in the play yard, play pen or bed and she will occupy herself and wait for my return. Praise the Lord.
(of course if i take too long, she will start to make noise and protest!)

Now, besides being able to take things out of a box, she can put them back. she can also accurately put the loops through the loop holder most of the time! and when i ask her to take things and pass to me, she will do it. and when i ask her to put them back, most of the time she will do it too.

Sometimes I am like "Wow" .... its amazing seeing her grow and develop each day. even more amazing that God has entrusted this little one to us to be her carers while on earth.

Sometimes i look at her and i tear .... i love her soooooooo much. despite tne initial frustrations and stress and what have u. and thank God that each day is indeed a better day for God is good, all the time!

i pray that she will grow up to be all that God wants her to be, and in His time everything will fall into place for her. Being a mum now, i am acutely aware of my limitations as a mum and glad that God is the one looking after her everyday. for He loves her infinitely more than I do.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Monschau Pictures


Love this little town. quaint and lovely. Looking forward to visiting it again near Christmas for its christmas market!!

Monschau reminds me of some of the japanese villages that i have visited before and missed so much! maybe it was the stream that runs through the town. maybe it was the well preserved and uniquely german-looking houses. maybe it was the valley that it was nestled in. whatever it is, i think this is a town worth revisiting! :)

and because the temperature was quite low today (ard 5-8 degrees), kaira was all wrapped up and here's my favourite picture of her today!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

having fun @ Ikea

Getting Into the Dutch Way of Life...

Finally got my bike today! Trying to "fit" into the dutch way of life ;)

but it's been so many years since i last rode on a bicycle ....i must really practice hard :) plus, will have to ferry the little one in the bike as well.... stressed ah...hahahaha.

tonight i had some practice ... tomorrow, i shall practice more! hehehe. if it's juz getting myself around, i think it's not a problem at's ferrying the little one around in the bike that's stressing me out! =P