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Saturday, September 27, 2008


when i was a teen, anyone above 40 years old is definitely OLD. and yesterday, it occurred to me that in a few years time, i will be there *gulp*. but when i see my frens now, its juz hard to imagine that we are turning 40 in a few years time? they still look the same! the guys from JC still looked like when we were in school (err, minus the paunch i suppose?? hehehe). the gals, some looked even better :) and when i meet up with old frens, it seems like we are the same today and yesterday! hahaha. where did the years go?

i really feel like i have not grown up ;p some days i think i am still 18. some days i think i am still 25. altho some days i think i am way over 40!! hahahaha. but truth is, i am 36 this year and 40 is fast approaching.

when i was young, i always thought that at 40, i will be very accomplished at work, have a pile of $$ the bank and going for exotic holidays. but truth is, i am running after a 10-month old and have a pile of coins at home and although i have my fair share of holidays ... not as exotic as i imagined, hehe.

so, why am i writing about this. i don't know. maybe i am trying to face up to reality =p

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