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Sunday, September 28, 2008

I foresee tiring days ahead....

little miss kaira is practicing very hard "unassisted walking" fact today she walked more than 5 steps unassisted.... looks like she's gonna start walking very soon??

oh oh .... i looked into the crystal ball and see myself running after miss kaira everyday! mebbe i will slim down further?? ;p

Saturday, September 27, 2008


when i was a teen, anyone above 40 years old is definitely OLD. and yesterday, it occurred to me that in a few years time, i will be there *gulp*. but when i see my frens now, its juz hard to imagine that we are turning 40 in a few years time? they still look the same! the guys from JC still looked like when we were in school (err, minus the paunch i suppose?? hehehe). the gals, some looked even better :) and when i meet up with old frens, it seems like we are the same today and yesterday! hahaha. where did the years go?

i really feel like i have not grown up ;p some days i think i am still 18. some days i think i am still 25. altho some days i think i am way over 40!! hahahaha. but truth is, i am 36 this year and 40 is fast approaching.

when i was young, i always thought that at 40, i will be very accomplished at work, have a pile of $$ the bank and going for exotic holidays. but truth is, i am running after a 10-month old and have a pile of coins at home and although i have my fair share of holidays ... not as exotic as i imagined, hehe.

so, why am i writing about this. i don't know. maybe i am trying to face up to reality =p

Friday, September 12, 2008

update : separation anxiety

this week leyan has improved tremendously .... in terms of the "separation anxiety" that she experiences. at least i can leave her for a few minutes to do my stuff without her "ee ee eh eh" or even worse crying! so after almost a month of having to be by her side "every second" ... there's light at the end of the tunnel! =)

coincidentally, this is after our brussels/brugge trip ... hmmm ... any connection i wonder?

if so, i should quickly plan for another trip ! destination, paris!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

what has kaira been up to these days?

well, she can :
1) shake hands on cue

2) do "gong xi gong xi" on cue (o well, sometimes she juz forsakes the movement, and juz clasp her hands together..heehee)

3)which means she can do the "amen" action on cue as well.

4) she will pat my hand when i ask her to

5) she can stand unassisted for quite a while (or at least until she discovers she's standing without support, then she "plonks" down ... lol)

6) she can sit down from standing position without support

7) and i think she knows her blue and yellow colors. this as a result of our brussels trip! cos the hotel room's carpet flooring is blue in color and we brought a yellow blanket to place on the floor as her play area. and i keep telling her, no crawling on blue area, only yellow area. and she seems to understand and kept within her boundaries for the 2 nites we stayed in the room. of course, there were times when she tested the boundaries... ;p

8) when she's in a good mood, she will play "roll ball" with me ... but sometimes its more like she's throwing the ball at me. hehe.

and there's juz so much more that she's doing and learning each day....all i can do is to blog them as and when i have the time :)