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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Xanten & Anholt Castle

Spent the saturday in Xanten, small town with roman influence in germany abt 1.5 hrs drive from our place. It was a funnie feeling when we first stepped into the town square, felt like all eyes were on us, the only Asians to be seen! Yes! we seemed to be the only asians around! (actually after half an hour or so, we saw a few more asians, but that's abt it). and for a small town, it is unusally crowded! maybe lots of local tourists.

would be lovely to laze the afternoon away here....but with a baby in tow, its quite difficult so we had lunch, a visited the St Victor's Cathedral, walked about old city square and moved on to our next destination. didn't visit the roman ruins cos we thought we already had enough of that from our Italian trip previously! :)

our next destination, somewhat disappointed me. i was looking forward to visiting the castle museum...mebbe i didn't do enough homework, but it turned out that we cannot visit the museum unless we join their guided tour and the best part?? the tour is only conducted in german and costs 6 euro. didn't make any sense to me...even though i would have loved to visit the museum. so we decided to skip that and mebbe plan another castle visit in future (and make sure we can "SEE" the castle!!!lololol).

skipping the museum tour was probably a blessing in disguise cos now we have time for a leisurely tea! and the hotel (converted from part of the castle) had a lovely tea place with views of the castle park. and becos we chose to sit inside (while the rest sits outside!), we had the whole place to outselves! its been a long time since we can sat down for a "leisurely" tea (ok, ok, so it was not all that leisurely can it be with a 9 month old who wants to grab everything, and eat and drink what you are having!!) -- i kind of enjoyed it! hope kaira will begin to be able to "sit still" for a longer period as she grows older! heehee.

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