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Thursday, August 07, 2008

what has she been up to?

juz a couple of days ago, whenever she sees the pigeon straw mug, she bites on the straw and the cap and treats the mug as a toy/teether. yesterday, she actually drank from the straw! o wow. i hope this signifies a easier time ahead feeding her water!

so far, have to spoon feed her the water cos she doesn't like water in her milk bottle. what a fuss pot =P

and yesterday, she could stand for at least 5 seconds on her own with no support. she's growing up fast...

but as she grows, some things also become more challenging. like changing her diapers. always such a battle with her wanting to flip and turn and sit up. now, she's not satisfied with her toys anymore. used to be she can be entertained for at least a minute or 2 with some "selected" toys while i quickly change her but not anymore!! so, we bought the pull-up diapers to make it "easier" for all of us. but even with that, it can still end up a crying battle sometimes :(

feeding times can also be a test of my patience sometimes! granted she's rather easy to feed ... but these days, half way through her feed, she will be bored, wants to grab the spoon, wants to grab the bowl and this and that. and i am not the most patient mum around... =P can't imagine having to feed her alone from tomorrow onwards (as my parents go home tonite) .... hope she's more cooperative!!

was telling hubbie, she's most easy to feed outside! hahaha...cos so many distractions....

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