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Saturday, August 16, 2008

What has she been up to recently?

1) she's drooling alot ...and i mean lots! much more than before ... which leads me to suspect that she's going to sprout teeth really soon! so much till she gets rashes on her chin :( no matter how often i wipe her, how much cream i put on her...the rashes juz wouldn't go away these last few days :( hope this phase passes soon.

2) she's trying to stand without support. after she discovered that she can do it, she likes to take all opportunities to practice. but funnily, she only practices when me (or hubbie) is around.... like she knows that she may fall cos she's not very steady. so far, think the she can stand without support for 5-10 seconds....

3) she can "mimick" us sometimes...for example, when we say "take out your pacifier from your mouth" and shows her the action, she can do it. she seems to be understanding us more and more each day :)

4) she's getting better at self feeding. besides the gerber stars which we started her on, i've started giving her bite sized soft pears...

5) she's getting very sticky to me :( cannot be out of her sight!! otherwise she will be "uhm uhm uhm eh eh eh" -ing all the time!! o dear. i hope this is a phase too...and soon, she will be playing on her own :) of course, it is not very possible that i am with her all the time sometimes i do get irritated by her whining!! have to keep reminding myself to be more patient! :):)

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