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Monday, August 04, 2008

A mind of her own?

a few weeks back, kaira was readily responding our requests to shake hands or "put your hands together say amen".

last week, she started waving at people (whether hello or difference ..heehee). but when we ask her to shake hands... she doesn't want to. or maybe she forgot how to shake hands already?? i really don't know.

cannot be her memory space so limited, learn one new "trick" and forget the old? or she simply has a mind of her own and doesn't want to shake our hands?? hmmm....i am wondering. any one has any views? ;)

1 comment:

Xman + PP said...


at this age, they learn a lot of things and I think they tend to forget for a while but usually it'll come back to them. At least that's what happened to Trisha too! Took us a long while to teach her to wave and clap and sometimes, she does it, sometimes she doesn't. =)