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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

a deprived lot......

otherwise, y would one pay 2.50euros to enter a flea market on a sunday??

last sunday, we went to a flea market after seeing an advertisement in the local papers. when we reached there, we realised we had to pay! i felt quite ridiculous...but then, we have already made our way there....and to juz turn back, also feels sianzzzz.... and so we paid for the entry!!! never again i tell myself!! :(

when we went in, the crowd is quite good u, these people are used to paying to shop?? then again, one pays for everything here. ;p for example, to use the toilets, even in macdonald's sometimes we have to pay! ranges abt 25-40cents euro!!! faintzzz. that's y sometimes we change baby kaira on the bench in the park or something...if it's not too cold.

coming back to a deprived lot, do u know retail shops here usually close by 6pm on weekdays (except supermarkets which may close @ 8pm). Only on fridays do they extend opening hours to 9pm. on saturdays, some close @ 5pm!!! and almost ALL shops are closed on Sundays except first sunday of the month. as i write about this now, i feel deprived. where are the shops when i need time @ nite?? and no more late-nite shopping!! (k k, not that i do that very often...juz that, when u want to do it, u can!)

so there, want to save $ on shopping -- come here. hahaha.

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