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Monday, August 25, 2008

2 months in eindhoven

time flies, it juz occurred to me that in 2 days, we would have been here 2 months. seems like yesterday that we arrived. so u know i am still adjusting! heehee.

sometimes i wonder how long we will stay here? hmmmm .... Lord, what is your plan? will u bring us back to asia? will our stay here be "long" or "short" ? will u bring us to another foreign country? all i can say is Your ways are higher ours and Your thoughts are higher than ours. So we are learning to submit and receive your blessings whereever we are.

it is not easy to integrate into a new community and now, as we "Start all over again" here to make new friends, and adjust to a whole new way of life, i need to remind myself that there's always 2 sides to a coin, and i need to accept BOTH sides! :) the good and the bad.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh Oh .... first stranger anxiety, now separation anxiety...

these last few days, it's beginning to manifest even more! we (both myself and hubbie) cannot be out of kaira's sight!! even for 1 second!! o dear.

when she was abt 4 months old, she developed stranger anxiety.... if she's not familiar with the person, she will be crying buckets if held by the "stranger". read up lots on this and realised that babies go through this stage one time or the other, and some have stronger reations than others. so i thought, ok, let's hope she grows up and the phase will pass.

since coming to netherlands, no one else has tried carrying her (except my parents who were here for 1 month), so i really don't know if she has passed the stage? although, she can now be quite friendly with strangers, waving at them and smiling. and so i hope she has outgrown the stranger anxiety phase. and thought, OK, no more worries =P

But, now, she suddenly has this anxiety about being separated from me (and sometimes, to a certain extent, hubbie). :( it started manifesting a couple of days before my parents left. even when my mum was next to her and playing with her, she will be whining (if i am out of sight)! and she simply prefers me to carry her and to play with her, even though grandma and grandpa are around.

and since they went back, she has been getting worse! initially, i tried to ignore her cries and keep talking to her while i "disappear" to assure her that i am around, but i need to do things. but her crying juz escalates! aiyo, to the extent that even when i carry her, she won't stop crying. it's so very frustrating at times. even when i try to distract her with her toys, the moment she realised that i've stepped away, she will "abandon" her toys and start "calling out" to me

so now, i try a different tactic, i keep "giving" her advance warning, telling her i am going to the kitchen, i am going to do this, do that, than i move away. and i try to come back before she whines and stay with her for a while, before going away again.

it's indeed quite tiring. but i hope she begins to realise that i have not "disappeared!"

so after hubbie experienced her "separation anxiety" cries on sunday, he commented that "no wonder u r so bz" ... hahahaha....yeah, its quite difficult to get things done ...but i still have to do it, so i am learning to bear with her whining and also trying all means to help her realise that i am around and that she doesn't need me to be "next" to her all the time.

is this a result of me being a Stay-at-home mum?? or is this a natural development in her? i really don't know. i want her to grow up secured, independent and joyful....but hmmmm.... some times the results doesn't show ....i must continue to pray....

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pictures @ Anholt Castle

Xanten & Anholt Castle

Spent the saturday in Xanten, small town with roman influence in germany abt 1.5 hrs drive from our place. It was a funnie feeling when we first stepped into the town square, felt like all eyes were on us, the only Asians to be seen! Yes! we seemed to be the only asians around! (actually after half an hour or so, we saw a few more asians, but that's abt it). and for a small town, it is unusally crowded! maybe lots of local tourists.

would be lovely to laze the afternoon away here....but with a baby in tow, its quite difficult so we had lunch, a visited the St Victor's Cathedral, walked about old city square and moved on to our next destination. didn't visit the roman ruins cos we thought we already had enough of that from our Italian trip previously! :)

our next destination, somewhat disappointed me. i was looking forward to visiting the castle museum...mebbe i didn't do enough homework, but it turned out that we cannot visit the museum unless we join their guided tour and the best part?? the tour is only conducted in german and costs 6 euro. didn't make any sense to me...even though i would have loved to visit the museum. so we decided to skip that and mebbe plan another castle visit in future (and make sure we can "SEE" the castle!!!lololol).

skipping the museum tour was probably a blessing in disguise cos now we have time for a leisurely tea! and the hotel (converted from part of the castle) had a lovely tea place with views of the castle park. and becos we chose to sit inside (while the rest sits outside!), we had the whole place to outselves! its been a long time since we can sat down for a "leisurely" tea (ok, ok, so it was not all that leisurely can it be with a 9 month old who wants to grab everything, and eat and drink what you are having!!) -- i kind of enjoyed it! hope kaira will begin to be able to "sit still" for a longer period as she grows older! heehee.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

What has she been up to recently?

1) she's drooling alot ...and i mean lots! much more than before ... which leads me to suspect that she's going to sprout teeth really soon! so much till she gets rashes on her chin :( no matter how often i wipe her, how much cream i put on her...the rashes juz wouldn't go away these last few days :( hope this phase passes soon.

2) she's trying to stand without support. after she discovered that she can do it, she likes to take all opportunities to practice. but funnily, she only practices when me (or hubbie) is around.... like she knows that she may fall cos she's not very steady. so far, think the she can stand without support for 5-10 seconds....

3) she can "mimick" us sometimes...for example, when we say "take out your pacifier from your mouth" and shows her the action, she can do it. she seems to be understanding us more and more each day :)

4) she's getting better at self feeding. besides the gerber stars which we started her on, i've started giving her bite sized soft pears...

5) she's getting very sticky to me :( cannot be out of her sight!! otherwise she will be "uhm uhm uhm eh eh eh" -ing all the time!! o dear. i hope this is a phase too...and soon, she will be playing on her own :) of course, it is not very possible that i am with her all the time sometimes i do get irritated by her whining!! have to keep reminding myself to be more patient! :):)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

what has she been up to?

juz a couple of days ago, whenever she sees the pigeon straw mug, she bites on the straw and the cap and treats the mug as a toy/teether. yesterday, she actually drank from the straw! o wow. i hope this signifies a easier time ahead feeding her water!

so far, have to spoon feed her the water cos she doesn't like water in her milk bottle. what a fuss pot =P

and yesterday, she could stand for at least 5 seconds on her own with no support. she's growing up fast...

but as she grows, some things also become more challenging. like changing her diapers. always such a battle with her wanting to flip and turn and sit up. now, she's not satisfied with her toys anymore. used to be she can be entertained for at least a minute or 2 with some "selected" toys while i quickly change her but not anymore!! so, we bought the pull-up diapers to make it "easier" for all of us. but even with that, it can still end up a crying battle sometimes :(

feeding times can also be a test of my patience sometimes! granted she's rather easy to feed ... but these days, half way through her feed, she will be bored, wants to grab the spoon, wants to grab the bowl and this and that. and i am not the most patient mum around... =P can't imagine having to feed her alone from tomorrow onwards (as my parents go home tonite) .... hope she's more cooperative!!

was telling hubbie, she's most easy to feed outside! hahaha...cos so many distractions....

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

a deprived lot......

otherwise, y would one pay 2.50euros to enter a flea market on a sunday??

last sunday, we went to a flea market after seeing an advertisement in the local papers. when we reached there, we realised we had to pay! i felt quite ridiculous...but then, we have already made our way there....and to juz turn back, also feels sianzzzz.... and so we paid for the entry!!! never again i tell myself!! :(

when we went in, the crowd is quite good u, these people are used to paying to shop?? then again, one pays for everything here. ;p for example, to use the toilets, even in macdonald's sometimes we have to pay! ranges abt 25-40cents euro!!! faintzzz. that's y sometimes we change baby kaira on the bench in the park or something...if it's not too cold.

coming back to a deprived lot, do u know retail shops here usually close by 6pm on weekdays (except supermarkets which may close @ 8pm). Only on fridays do they extend opening hours to 9pm. on saturdays, some close @ 5pm!!! and almost ALL shops are closed on Sundays except first sunday of the month. as i write about this now, i feel deprived. where are the shops when i need time @ nite?? and no more late-nite shopping!! (k k, not that i do that very often...juz that, when u want to do it, u can!)

so there, want to save $ on shopping -- come here. hahaha.

Monday, August 04, 2008

A mind of her own?

a few weeks back, kaira was readily responding our requests to shake hands or "put your hands together say amen".

last week, she started waving at people (whether hello or difference ..heehee). but when we ask her to shake hands... she doesn't want to. or maybe she forgot how to shake hands already?? i really don't know.

cannot be her memory space so limited, learn one new "trick" and forget the old? or she simply has a mind of her own and doesn't want to shake our hands?? hmmm....i am wondering. any one has any views? ;)


Kinderdijk Pictures


... a 17th century windmill park -- reminds me of Shirakawa-go, another UNESCO world heritage site which we visited in 2006.

it was beautiful, scenic and nice. however, something was missing. and so that set me thinking. what was it that made me enjoy shirakawa-go more?

and guess what...i think it's the food....hahahah.....@ shirakawa-go the food was simply yummmmmieeee...... here...whatever food we can find for lunch was juz to fill our stomach...hahahaha...

anywayz, it's still a lovely place...itz juz the "japan-loving" me missing my japanese food again.