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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

time flies ....

8 months ago, i couldn't have imagined making this statement .... at that time, i really wished that time will fly ... lol .... it was a tough time ... looking after the new born babe.

it is still tough. but with each day, she's learning something new and its amazing seeing her grow and develop.

juz 2+weeks ago she stood up but didn't know how to sit down after standing she will cry for help. then after a few days she was standing up and sitting down on her own. such a "big gal"! then now she's "Cruising", making her way from one point to another holding on to her cot rails or the playpen rails.

and then, i've been teaching her how to put her hands together to say amen and recently, she did it! and she was so pleased with herself she kept smiling. hahahaha. and before that it was shaking hands. and that day when Watanabe-san visited us at our home, she extended her hand for a handshake..... :) i was kinda worried that she's still in her "Scared of strangers" mode.... but she seemed alrite....

so many new developments as the days go by ... and new things that she's learning each day. and all happening so quickly. so yes, time flies, no matter how tough it is.

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