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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Never thought i'd be happy cleaning up shit

no no, i dun mean office s*** ..... that's something i am glad i left behind! although i do miss going to work sometimes .... that i should write about another time...

ok ok, mebbe i should use the term "poo poo" or "poop" but thought s*** has greater effect ;p lol.

motherhood.... really is a journey of surprises and discovery! who would have thought that one day i'd be wondering whether there's going to be poo poo every day ......... from my little princess!!

maybe i am over paranoid about constipation in babies or maybe i've read too many experiences of constipated babies that i really wouldn't want kaira to suffer constipation! Thank God so far so good for her!

especially so after i started introducing solids to her .... if she for some reason misses her poop for one day .... i get worried!!! compounded by the fact that she doesn't like to drink water and i always "hear" "advice" that babies muz drink more water once solids are introduced otherwise they may experience constipation. Geez, the things that mummies have to worry about ;p

and so, i think i will have to continue "worrying" for her ... but thank God so far it has been a smooth journey for her into the world of solids :)

and since i am at it, here's a list of what she has tasted so far!

- rice cereal
- barley cereal
- oat cereal
- brown rice
- butternut squash
- avocado
- pear
- apple
- banana
- papaya
- broccoli
- cauliflower
- carrot
- pumpkin
- sweet potato
- sweet peas
- white potato
- 四神粉

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