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Monday, July 14, 2008

Missing Japanese Food....

after 2 weeks here in eindhoven, realised how fortunate we are in Sg/Hkg....abundance of different cuisines at affordable prices and easily accessible!!

in Hkg, we only missed local sg food ... so never thought that i will one day miss my sashimi, teppanyaki, sushi and stuff!!!! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!

last saturday we went to maastricht and where we parked there was a big shopping complex with a foodcourt in the basement. there, was a sushi counter, abit like the supermarket sushi counters that we see back home. initially, i was thinking mebbe i should have some sushi... i am beginning to miss it ....

but 11 euros for a mix plate of sushi (enuff for 1 person i suppose) was really too much for me stomach!! how to pay that kind of price for "supermarket" standard? ;p

i wonder then how much it will cost to eat in a jap restaurant here? then again, i haven't seen any "authentic" japanese restuarant around here ...... so mebbe i have to wait till i go back to asia?

aaaaaaawwwww ....... writing this makes me miss my trips to japan even more .......

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