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Friday, July 18, 2008

is this summer or winter ??

the temperature has been hovering around 15 degrees (lower in the nite) since we came. wellz, for now, it is still nice cool weather (although a bit wet).

but then, if this is summer temperature....i shudder at the thought of winter temperatures!!

in hong kong, this kind of temperature, we will be all wrapped up .... hahahha.... cos its wintertime ! :) but here, the kids are in tank tops and shorts .... lolol ........ what an adjustment to make! sometimes feel so "paisay" being so wrapped up when they are running with so little on. lol.

no wonder in hong kong, when we wrapped up in our jackets and shawl and what have you ... some of the caucasians are in t-shirts and bermudas .... heehee


Xman + PP said...


Hahah...the winter here is really cold...average at 5C usually. It's really cold esp if there's wind, that makes it worst. During winter, we have to put on 3 layers of clothes and wear thermal wear inside too. Better get ready for it and it gets cold starting in mid-late Nov and the worst is in Dec-Jan.

ya, nowadays the Dutch are all in shorts and t shirts and I also feel paiseh when I go out with a jacket...heheh...


Ms Long said...

thanks for the reminder .... yeah, i better get ready for the coming winter!!