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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

First time to A&E of KKH

on the monday evening prior to our departure for Eindhoven (which is scheduled on thursday) , i had to bring kaira to the A&E @ KKH.

haizzz, being a parent is so stressful sometimes ;(

and y did i have to bring her there? cos after her afternoon bath and whilst i was hanging up her bath towel and she was next to me, crawling on her "tee lam" (mattress) and practicing her usual crawling to the floor and up, for some reason, she hit her face on the floor at a funnie angle and was in great pain!

initially i wasn't too concerned cos she has done this many times and usually she's alrite but how wrong i was.

after letting out a loud shout, she suddenly went quiet but her face was "crying" ..... i dunno if u know what i mean .... so poor thing .... and i knew she was in pain, great pain possibly. picked her up and within seconds, got another SHOCK, blood oozing out from her mouth. aiyo.. quite a lot some more ... all over my shirt and her romper.

immediately i changed, took her stuff and went to get a taxi to bring us to the hospital.

thank God while in the cab, her bleeding stopped...but poor gal was quite traumatised so was very quiet. and by the time we reached the hospital and the nurses did a check on her, she seemed alrite. and could smile a little. and the nurses couldn't find any wounds in her mouth.

that was kind of a relief. although i was still worried if there's any open wounds etc, after all we are going to take a long flite and moving to a new environment ... very "ma fan" if she's unwell....

anyway, waited about half an hour for the doctor. the doc did a thorough check on her and also couldn't find any wounds!! after sometime, said that mebbe there's a small blood clot underneath the tongue.

and to make sure everything's alrite, she assessed her physical movements, checked her head (for bumps etc), her ears, her eyes etc .... and concluded she's WELL!! and advanced for her "age" .... :)

and so, spent $75 @ the A&E and alls well :) money well spent ??

so now, trying very hard to keep her under my watchful eyes ALL the time. quite difficult to do .... if u know what i mean.

and once again, i have to say, so hard being a parent ;p

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