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Monday, July 21, 2008

cautious yet gungho??

seems like a weird combination ...... but that seems to describe kaira!!

cautious --
1) when we introduce her new toys -- she takes a few days to warm up to the toy and play with it!! on the first day -- she usually doesn't even bother playing with the new toy.... juz eye it for a few seconds and then prefers to play with her familiar toys! then, we will need to show her how to play with the toy etc .....only after a day or 2 of seeing the toy will she start playing with it.

2) strangers -- ever since she can recognise faces (fr abt 4 months), it has always been difficult when other people want to carry her cos she will wail when she realise that it's not someone familiar who's carrying her. i don't know about this now, cos after coming to Holland, nobody carries her except us and her grandparents.... but i think she's a bit better now lah ... at least she smiles at strangers when we go out...instead of juz staring at them!

i simply don't understand her...she knocks herself when she crawls to certain place and wails big time, she stands up and sometimes juz "plonk" and sit down and cries cos she got a "shock" from the plonking down, she tries to climb and knocks her head and cries ......... yet, she continues to explore these places and do the same things over and over again. y doesn't she get afraid and stop doing them?

so is she gungho or are all babies like that?

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