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Friday, July 25, 2008

Amsterdam ....

was crowded!! hahahah....mebbe after 4 weeks in eindhoven where we hardly see was like WOAH crowded .....hahahahaha.... i felt quite funnie when i realised i felt that way.

but mebbe becos this is the summer holiday so there were simply many many tourists and everywhere was so crowded. the q to the anne frank house was horrendously long, we decided to skip it. we had to wait more than half an hour (maybe closer to an hour?? i lost track of time) for the boat for the canal cruise..... and had to keep a look out for the bicycles and motorcycles and cars all the time.... all these compounded by the fact that we have a baby who needs to be "on the go" all the time...else she gets impatient and starts "shouting" ... kekekeke.

but overall, still a rather enjoyable trip, cos kaira was really quite co-operative, most of the time!! think she was most difficult on the car ride home... cos she was so alert after all the naps she took in amsterdam, she wants to break free from her car seat!!

now where did we go? we strolled through the streets, wanted to visit the anne frank house (but gave up cos the queue was simply too long), took the canal cruise, went to the flea market, flower market, went to the red light district, chinatown, had tea, lunch and dinner all within 7hours... plus the 3-4 hours travelling time we took ....i was really exhausted after the 12-hour outing!!

but not kaira ... hahaha....had to entertain her and let her crawl to her heart's content (cos she couldn't do it the whole day) before she will settle down to sleep.

didn't have the chance to go into the rijks museum (can't remember if this is the spelling), think we will do it another time. :)

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