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Thursday, July 03, 2008

1 week in eindhoven

we landed in amsterdam last friday morning after 12 hours on the plane and it was another 1 and 3/4 hrs car ride to our home in Eindhoven. its been a week of adjustments .....

thank God we had a rather smooth flight with kaira sleeping through 2/3 of the flite. the times when she's awake, was quite a challenge keeping her entertained .... as she is at the stage of wanting to crawl and eat everything!!

as for eindhoven, the weather is lovely. BUT, its so quiet ......... needs some getting used to! and our place! i am really not used to having climb up and down so many times in the day!!! and even though its 3 storeys with lots of space ... somehow, feels like we don't have enough space to store all our things??

geez, and to think that we came from a 600 square feet apartment in hong kong .... how did we manage to accumulate and store so many things? hahahaa. of course .... along the way, we bought more things, in anticipation of our "new and bigger" place in eindhoven. *;p*

wonder if i will have time to tend to the garden and have some home grown produce for lunch/dinner?? :p

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