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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Surgery & Hospitalisation

So, here's my attempt to "capture" the past. and i will start with the most "trying" .....

Surgery for Kaira's indirect inguinal hernia condition.

when i discovered the "lump" at her groin area when she's abt 6 weeks+ -- i was very very worried! not knowing what it was and the cause and being a new parent ...... it was very worrying!

thing was when i discovered it on wed afternoon, it came and went. so i thought maybe i was hallucinating ... saw wrongly!! mebbe too tired u know what i mean??? kekeke

but the next morning, both hubbie and i saw it clearly and it was quite "large" for a baby! but kaira didn't seem to feel anything, so that was good. hubbie had to travel in to SZ to work that day, so i am left alone to "handle" this emergency .... how "nice"!!

a quick call to the PD and he mentioned something abt hernia and asked me to bring her in that morning for a check. he is the BEST PD around...hahahaha.... like i have seen other PDs!!! kekeeke...i called him ard 7+am and he picked up the phone!! love him to bits!!!! don't think i can stand another minute without speaking to a doc.

now the next challenge is how do i bring kaira to doc as hubbie is on his way to SZ for work ... and it's not like he can u-turn and come back home to bring us to the doc.

and SO, my first journey out with a month-old baby!!! i was STRESSSSSSSed.

but i guess the worry over the lump was greater. and when we were at the PD, me with my bag, carrier and baby ... another lady even commented how come i didn't have anyone to help me! for a moment i really wanted to indulge in some self-pity ;( but no time for that!!! and hey, the important part was that i made it to the PD! with baby in one piece. *Pat Pat*

when Dr Chiu mentioned the need for "surgery" .... i tell u, my heart sank ... surgery for such a young child??? so many thoughts raced through my mind.... thank God that after explanation from him, i realised the condition is not that serious although we cannot avoid surgery.

the surgeon he recommended is someone who pioneered the keyhole (lapascropy or something) surgery for such conditions and although there was an option to go through the public system which will be much cheaper, we decided to opt for the private surgeon option. and thank God we did! more on that later.

anywayz, everything then happened very fast. our appt with the surgeon was on M0nday morning and the surgery was scheduled on Saturday afternoon. and in the meantime, i tried as much as possible to minimise kaira's crying as the lump manifests itself when she exerts strength! for a baby, that's really difficult especially when she's hungry!! i muz say i was quite stressed throughout the week. everytime i see the lump, i worry it will not subside...cos the PD kept reminding me that should that happen, that's an emergency situation! aaargh.

we were praying very hard for her and the surgery as she has to fast like 8 hours before the surgery and we were really worried .... if a baby is hungry, she's hungry rite?? how to tell her she can't have her milk?

but hallelujah!! she was like a different babe that day!! she didn't cry a single bit after her morning milk feed ard 6+ am and that lasted her till 3 pm!!! (although her surgery time was slated for 2pm, the surgeon was 1 hour late).

the surgery took less than 1 hour and after care was so easy because of the lapascropy (hope i got the term correct) -- really thank God. cannot imagine if there was a wound and the baby is in pain and stuff.... think i am the one who will not be able to take it! she was like back to "normal" after 1 day!! really thank God!

but of course, the time immediatley after the surgery was quite trying. cos she's now awake and aware that she's hungry! but we can't feed her yet as need the anaesthesia to wear off, else she may throw up etc. and so i had to carry a crying baby for 1hour plus (while hubbie goes home to pack stuff as he will be staying over nite with her!). poor gal and her voice was "hoarse" and all ... so pooor thing ... really heart breaking when you hear her cry like this.

o o, i muz write about this....we are terrible parents....we actually thought we can leave her in the hospital in the care of nurses after the surgery while we "go off and rest" .... hahahaha .... how wrong! (which was what happened for her jaundice treatment).

anwayz, there was also another boy who went for the same surgery and his mum stayed overnite with him. she actually commented to me that she was surprised it was DADDY who stayed overnite and not mummie!! hee hee ... to us, i think the choice was clear!! i have yet to reach the stage where i can take care of her alone..... ;) *Pat pat to SuperHero Papa -- you are the best!!!*

and so that was how our 10th wedding anniversary (on 10th jan) went -- worrying for her surgery cos it was scheduled on the 12th!!

but praise God everything was very smooth and she was really in very good hands!! we couldn't have asked for more. and he also provided financially for this surgery as insurance covered most of the expenses!! hallelujah!!!!


Christine Ng said...

Yes, parenthood is really tough! If I get to live my life again... i probably dont even want to get married!! You & hubby are very brave to face this surgery yourself without family support. Cheers to you!

Ms Long said...

thanks christine.. yep, am glad this is behind us!