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Thursday, June 19, 2008

so much gap to fill in ....

since kaira's arrival .... other than posting her pictures, i hardly write. and honestly, there's so much that has happened in the last 7 months that i thought i'd better jot down some quick thoughts before they are "lost" .....

must say that first 3 months was a really trying time for both me and weng5. collectively, we lost more than 20kgs in terms on weight!! i lost about 15 kgs and he 6kgs.... that is testimony of how tough things were!!

looking back, i can say that kaira wasn't a "difficult" baby to handle...but as we were first time parents with no family help/support in a foreign land (except for a (not so helpful) confinement lady in the first month) .... it really was a really difficult time for me!!! and i can imagine how much more stressed poor hubbie was as he had to juggle work and home at the same time!

on many ocassions, i really wanted to ask for a refund - lol - *kokz* - wake up weiz!!!

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