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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Moving and moving and moving ....

we knew our lease will be up in jan 08 but we had taken for granted that our landlord will renew our lease as he did the last 4 years and with the birth of kaira, moving was really the last thing on our mind!

but God had other plans!

and wthin 3 months we moved twice! first out of sheung wan (as our landlord sold the apartment and there was no way we could negotiate for an extension with him or the new buyer) to Hong Kong Gold Coast and then from HKGC back to Singapore!

cos the new job offer for Hubbie took quite a long time to finalise and so, there was no option to move directly from sheung wan to singapore as we were WAITING .... and waiting and waiting! till we were left with no option but to move to a temporary place while we wait for the offer to be finalised and all the paperwork to be done!

but the short stay at HKGC (we moved in end Jan) was quite nice i muz say. a nice change from the hustle and bustle of sheung wan, although it's kind of far and remote! honestly wouldn't mind staying there if we were still in hong kong as with a child now, guess the "requirements" are different! heehee. and once we got used to the transportation options, its quite OK. not that inconvenient afterall!

but the packing and unpacking and packing .... really really grateful for hubbie who is so organised and efficient!! i think he muz have aged 10 years fr Nov 07 - Feb 08 .... hahahaha. what with a cranky wife, a young babe, difficult work situation plus the need to organise all the admin ......

and so we were back in Singapore on 6 march 08! which means kaira spent abt 2 months in sheung wan, and abt 1.5 months in HKGC.

and now, we will be moving out of SIngapore to Eindhoven on 26th June to start a new journey, a new adventure.

seems like the Lord has opened the door to bring us there.... we are praying for his will to be done. that he will guide us as He leads us there. really wondering what He has instore for us in Eindhoven??

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