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Thursday, June 19, 2008

the first 3 months.....

the first 3 months with kaira ...... wellz ....... all i can say is that for now, i have no desire to have a repeat of that!!!

very often, i wonder why people have children?? y oh y oh y ? it really is a high calling, and not everyone's cup of tea........hahahahaha .......

for us, whose lives have been around "ourselves" suddenly, my life revolves around her and her ever changing ways!! no time for myself at all. no time to eat, to watch tv, to trade ... blah blah blah ..

if i have time, i will be surfing the net, trying to find more information about bringing up baby and the various issues!

and, there are never ending issues! so many things to find out more about ..... breastfeeding, then milk bottle feeding, burping, sleep patterns, gas, poop, bouts of crying (with no clear reason) and so forth......geeez, everyday is a new day of "discovery" -- whether good or bad!!! i really salute the mummies who have to take care of more than 1 child! where do they find the energy, patience and time? one is enuffffff for me......

and so, looking back ...... the first 3 months seem so far away .......and now i can say, thank God its over!!! at least, we are in a new phase now ...... altho not necessarily an easier phase .... hahahaha ... but at least, i think i am getting used to having her around ;)

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