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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hehehe :)

it'e been so long since i last wrote... as have been really busy with looking after kaira and adjusting to the demands of "motherhood"! thank God its getting better :)

i had to write today cos i am over the mooooooooooon. hahahaha.

decided to pluck up the courage to try to wear my pre-pregnant jeans and i am so pleased that it fits!!!! u cannot imagine how happy i am! didn't dare try to wear them the last 2 months cos i know i would be majorly depressed if i can't fit into them ;p

a good start to the lunar new year!!

GONG XI FA CAI everyone :)


Anonymous said...

no surprise that it fits, coz u r slim to start with! happy new year. do i get an ang pow jus by wishing u that? ;PPP


Ms Long said...

ang pow? anytime! mebbe next time u have to give ang pow to my gal liao? hehehe ;)

Rui said...

wow... you managed to regain your figure within 3 mths??? amazing... you're looking real pretty mama long!

happy chinese new year too!