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Monday, November 26, 2007

Kaira Chow


Sam said...

AMEN AMEN!!! GOD LOVES YOU! Congratulations on your newborn my dear sister. She's such a adorable and tiny buddle of joy from the Lord! PRAISE HIM! He's faithful, He IS! God bless you and may His love go forth from your family like rivers of living waters!!!

Sam Chng

Anonymous said...

Hey Choco & the other half,

'Time Well Spent

See tiny fingers and tiny toes,
Bright baby eyes, cute baby nose;
Hear baby gurgles and baby sighs,
As Mom and Dad sing lullabies.

Life is changed, but that's okay;
It's fun to spend glad hours each day,
Taking time for all the good
That comes along with parenthood.(By Joanna Fuchs)'

A new baby is a miracle and deserves our admiration and even our baby talk! Congratulations!

Ms Long said...

thanks sam & L-me!!!!

little red wonderer said...

Oooooooh she looks so sweet and angelic!

CONGRATULATIONS on finally becoming a mother.. I'm sure this gal will turn out as tall as you and Weng Fai..