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Monday, November 26, 2007

21 Nov 2007 - the day that changed my life

Juz like accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour has changed my life some 20+ years ago, this day, 21 Nov 2007 , 1958H, when Kaira Chow (周乐妍) arrived @ Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital by Dr Hennie Woo Hai Nin, signals another change in the days ahead.

During the pregnancy, i know that life will be different upon the arrival of the little babe .... but how different .... it finally dawned on me when she did arrive!!!

how our worlds revolve around tis little tot ;) shall write more about tat.

but thank God for answering our prayers and His presence, protection and guidance throughout the entire delivery process. All through the pregnancy we've been praying and during the delivery process, we really experienced the meaning on relying totally on Him for help and strength. and also the privilege of experiencing answered prayers. His grace has been so abundant and His love so great throughout this 9 months , i can only say thank you Lord for your love so deep. The Lord's love for me, for hubbie and newborn Kaira.

Here's a pix of the tiny tot .

Her vital statistics at birth :

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