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Monday, October 08, 2007

today the babe is 31 weeks and 3 days ...

went for my regular check up on saturday and the babe weighs 1.757kg.... it didn't put on much weight since the last check up 2 weeks ago . when itz above average weight, i worri, when it doesn't put on enuff weight, i worri..... heeheee.... why like tat? but wellz, everything looks fine tats good!

time realli flies, another 8+ weeks and we'll see the little babe :) in fact, doc was telling me in another 6 weeks... will be considered full term and the babe can decide it wants to join the party outside anytime :)

so now itz a flurry of activities buying the stuff, washing them, packing up the room and making space for the babe :0) thank God now i am still "mobile" and altho i do get tired easily .... can still manage to go shopping for hours !!!

can't imagine that i will continue to balloon in the next 4 weeks! heehee.

praying that the Lord's hands will continue to be in this process throughout :)

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