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Monday, September 17, 2007

nothing is too insignificant ........

the Lord reminded me last week that indeed nothing is too small, insignificant to be brought before Him in prayers.

so often, in my life, i am caught up with things. and also the belief that through my own effort and "wisdom" things will be done/resolved/achieved. whatever they are.

it is true that the Lord grants us wisdom and ability to achieve success. but last week, a simple reminder to pray about a rather "small" issue was the Lord's way of telling me, that, by coming to Him, there's alot more rest and less fret ;p hahahaha

actually, itz no big deal .. we were juz looking for short-term accomodation for our parents/siblings when they come over to hkg in december. and when i started looking for the accomodation ..... i juz started looking. no prayers, nothing. afterall, itz a small matter!! i mean, watz so difficult about finding short-term accomodation? as long as we are willing to pay ....... we should be able to get one rite?? ;p

but the Lord prompted me to ask for prayers during home group 2 fridays back .... and it seemed that He wanted to show me that by coming to Him in prayers, and committing to Him, He can guide me to "discover" the "better" alternative ...... cheaper, nearer, better quality .......what an amazing God ! He loves his children so much, that nothing is too insignificant for Him to care. Praise the Lord, within a week, we did find an cheaper, better alternative. and now, i am praying that He will seal this alternative!

Have you tried coming to the Lord today? Try it and let Him amaze you with His grace and love......

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