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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Week 25+

last saturday, went for my regular check-up.

hmmm, baby waz in a rather uncooperative position ... so difficult to see her face

doc commented that her legs were "longer than average" and her weight was 900+ grams.

i think she's slightly "bigger" than average babies her "age" .... heehee.

wellz, importantly, she seems to be developing well :)

now, my hands have this tight and achy feeling, especially the fingers joints. and my legs displaying swelling symptoms on certain days and crampz. and the cramps!!! oh mine, not the usual type of cramps yea??? it waz very painful :( thank God it doesn't happen that often ..... so now i try to stretch regularly to prevent it from happening ;)

and did i mention, i think eating kang kong (aka morning glory) results in me having leg cramps. not sure if there's any scientific reasoning but it happened the few times i ate kang i am going to avoid kang kong for the rest of my pregnancy!!!

other than that, my appetite is quite OK :) the only thing is i like to snack on chocolate .... heehee. i am going for my glucose test soon .... hopefully it doesn't come back indicating i have pregnancy diabetes otherwise ..... sianzzzzz ah ! need to control diet ...... so these few weeks i've decided to control my intake of chocolates ;p

okie dokes, tatz all the update for now ......

Monday, August 13, 2007

couldn't resist ......

On Sunday, we bought some clothes for the baby girl ! couldn't resist and since we know itz a gal, itz so much easier to buy things u know wat i mean?

we are supposed to "inherit" some used baby clothes from hubbie's cousin who gave birth juz abt 2 months ago .... so we've been trying to restrain ourselves..... but alas.... a walk around the shop having sale melted all resolve!!!!

itz so easy to start with frills. we should have concentrated on getting the essentials which, we have yet to ;p . hope we don't start accumulating the unnecessaries .........