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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Would u jaywalk in front of the traffic police?

such a trivial question it seems ..... but what i saw today really got me thinking as to whether there's a difference in the "DNA" of a hongkonger and a singaporean ;p

for me, being the, ahem ahem, prim and proper singaporean ...... i can safely say i would never, never jaywalk when there's a policeman around.

today while walking home from the supermarket (in hong kong), at a very busy traffic junction, there were 4 policeman stationed, one on each side of the road ..... it's kind of a t-junction ..... and when it's still the "red man" ...... i couldn't believe it, a few hong kongers (i assume they are locals) simply dashed across the road, in full view of the police. I mean, what else do u expect except that the police will call after u and ask for your ID card and details and give u a summon??

but the funnie thing is, some apparently did get away ..... when the police is busy with one offender, the other quickly scooted away ....even though the policeman has already signalled to the offender to "come over"...... i saw one young man in action .... it's quite funnie. there was a moment hestitation and then he's off.

so i thought, hmmmm, they are risk takers aren't they? they would "gamble" on the off chance of not being caught for the slight convenience. ;)

would you??

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