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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Week 17th

if i am not wrong, this is week 17th for me. Went for regular check up last Saturday .... all'z normal i suppose.

Baby has growned to abt 11cm and decided to show its quiet side tat day. Baby juz quietly did some stretching exercises ... touching its knee and stretching its arms.

According to the doctor, i should be able to feel the baby movement around this time ... but errr, try as i did, i still don't feel a thing. ;p ...... errr except when i sneeze??? hahahaha .... i am not even sure of that actually.

this stage of the pregnancy ... for me is good cos i feel quite normal .... hardly any nausea and stuff ... juz a bit of tiredness (especially if i don't take an afternoon nap). and because the tummy is not growing either ... there are times when i wonder is everything ok inside?? heehee.

anywayz, the next time when i get to see wat's happening inside is end Jul .... ;)

Hubbie and myself have been reading this book "Sacred Parenting" by Gary Thomas -- i find it really good. It addresses so many issues that i have in my mind....... not that it provides "how to do it" solutions .... but rather he points us back to the ultimate creator, the ultimate helper and how parenting fits into God's overall scheme! It's a perspective that i lack cos alot of times i find myself focusing on self, self, self ........

Quote from the book :
Today's Christian usually prays for relief, for comfort and for healing-- but that's not always what Scripture teaches us to do.

How true .... and when God doesn't answer our prayer ... we ask why ? why ? why? and we question God's love and sovereignty cos things are not done our way. We want God to bless bless bless. If not, we fret fret fret. Oooooo, how often i've acted this way.

Another quote
If God gives us situations we already have the strength to handle, we don't have to grow in order to deal with them

May the Lord grant us strength juz as it's said in Colossians 1:11

When i bought this book, i really didn't know what i was buying. It was one of those spur of the moment purchase when we were browsing at the christian bookstore (looking for another book). But i am glad we bought it. This really gives the spiritual foundation for parenting before we get on to the "how to do it" "manuals" out there .......hahahaha.

may this book not gather dust on my shelf!!!!

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