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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Stupid Fire Alarm

the fire alarm for our building went off @ 1145pm last nite!!! juz when i was getting ready to sleep.

wellz, on the safe side, we decided that we should "evacuate" cos we saw our neighbors from upstairs "kwai kwai" taking the stairs down and there was even a fire engine downstairs.

after walking one flite, the alarm stopped! phew i tot, episode over. but on the safe side, hubbie decided to go downstairs to take a look while i went back to the apt with the rest of my neighbors.

after sometime, he came back and apparently the all clear was given by the firemen probably false alarm.

and juz when we were getting ready for bed, the fire alarm went off again!! and it went on for a very long time ..... at least an hour!! i tink by the time i fell asleep it was 2+, 3.

this morning, a notice was put up that the fire alarm was faulty!!!! duh.

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