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Friday, June 01, 2007

Dancing Baby

Last Saturday, went for regular check-up @ the gynae. It's 12th week going to 13th weeks i think. watever. i get confused with all these "week" counting.

anyway, the baby according to the doctor is growing @ a normal rate. and it was in a really active mood that morning. bouncing up and down, here and there. kicking its limbs and doing boxing exercises.

and so i call it the "Dancing Baby". :)

wellz, nothing much has changed physically.... the baby's not really showing yet .... juz a little.

as for my nausea and stuff, it was getting better. but this week, strangely, it began to "plague" me in the afternoon/evening. especially after i eat something. i feel like i am suffering from indigestion, therefore nausea. wellz, let's see how this goes. mebbe the stomach grew smaller ???? hehehehe.

anywayz, till date, one thing that always eases my queasy feeling, oranges!!! so i've have them stocked up at home :)

next check up is end of June. can't wait to see the baby then.

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