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Friday, May 11, 2007

My first trimester and the ocassional sleepless nite

It's 1.36am now and i can't get to sleep. i've been lying in bed since 11pm i think .... even tho i felt sleepy then .... i juz couldn't fall alseep. so it's like fitful rest, tossing and turning. this happens - more so, since i got pregnant. i dunno realli why.

sometimes it's becoz i feel a sense of discomfort in my lower back region so that makes sleeping uncomfortable. sometimes, it's like i'm having light cramps, so it's difficult to fall asleep. sometimes, it because i wake up in the middle nite to go to the toilet and cannot fall alseep after that. sometimes, there's no particular reason -- i simply cannot fall asleep.

sometimes i wonder is it because there's something bothering me? worrying me? that's why my mind cannot rest? subconsciously at least ..... cos i dun think there's any particular thing that's on my mind now that can cause sleepless nites ;-p

anywayz, mebbe this is one of things that is a result of the pregnancy. afterall, they say everyone has different reactions and symptoms rite?

okie, i will try and go sleepz now. nite nite.

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