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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My first trimester and appetite.

For someone who lurves to eat, the first 8 -9 weeks of my pregnancy was "terrible".

First, i am very tired most of the time. To look for food and to think about what to eat wasn't my top priority.

Secondly, i don't have much appetite. I really don't feel like eating most of the time

Thirdly, i couldn't bear to cook! So there is only one option .... eat out! Which makes matters worse as i somehow didn't feel like eating those "char can tieng" food. and to go to a restaurant?? i am already so tired ..... it's difficult to make my way there .... hehehehe.

So for a few weeks, the one "cuisine" that i found "bearable" and "somewhat tasty" was "burgers, fries and pizza"!!!!

O wow, i ate Mac's (or other burger chains) a few times a week as well as pizza. Poor hubbie. Poor baby. Not much nutrition and high fat content ;-p. I call the baby "American Baby" .... hahahaha.

But thank God, that phase was over in a a matter of weeks.

and then i discovered, hmmmm, South East Asian food could do the trick so for another week or 2, my diet was hainanese roast chicken rice, nasi lemak, fried kway teow, fried hokkien mee, fried carrot cake and stuff ...... all @ South East Asian restaurants i could find. But of course, nothing compared to what we can get at home !! And so ..... for a while .... i wish i am back in singapore .....!!! eating all these wonderful food ...... hahahaha.

and in the between, one lovely fren invitation to her home for home cooked meal was my first "real" home cooked meal in weeks. Thanks JingYi.

I say "real" because i do cook at home for myself for lunch as i really cannot bear the thought of eating ......... but instant noodles, pasta with canned sauce, "rojak" sandwich and luncheon meat sandwich/fried rice ...... ain't really "real" home cooking ! ;-p hehehehe.

and of course, there's Sister Ollie's homebaked muffins and stuff and pork curry which she made and shared with me.

and finally this week, i have the energy to cook again!! The tiredness is now manageable and i can stand being in the kitchen without feeling nauseous @ the smell of cooking!! yeah!!! o wow, u can't imagine how happy i am to eat the food i cooked myself. and so, i hope i can keep up with it!

and for the record, i have not put on any weight yet since we discovered i am pregnant. let's see when the weight starts piling on.

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