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Monday, May 07, 2007

Junior Chow on the way....

it's been more than a month since i last blogged .... been busy and tired .... due to my pregnancy.

now into my 10th week and feeling much better :) thank God!

when we first found out that i could be pregnant, it was on the 31st march, when i did the home pregnancy test. and a trip to the gynae confirmed it.

as much as we planned this and looked forward to it, when it became a reality, it took us a few days to truly rejoice and be excited about it .... cos the first few days after the confirmation, there were juz so many things to think about and to pray about and stuff.....

and it seems so unreal ....... hahahaha.

and after that, came the discomfort and tiredness that literally knocked me out..... i will be like taking naps in the morning, in the afternoon and really don't feel like doing much ;-) good thing i am not working-- can't imagine having to trudge myself to the office and stuff.

of course, i still did my trading .... but honestly i pared down considerably, becoz some days i juz am not thinking straight.

anywayz, so my first ultrasound was on 3 Apr, my first visit to the gynae and there we saw the "sac" .... something so small yet going to cause such great discomfort later on....hehehehe.

due to my age(i belong to the high-risk pregnancy segment....based on age .... heehee), doc did ask us about the down's syndrome's test etc and whether we wanted to do it. at the back of my mind i know i didn't want to and so we prayed and commited it to the Lord. Praying and believing in the beautiful creation that we are going to receive in December 2007.

my second ultrasound was on 21 Apr, baby was abt 7 weeks + and it still looks like a "blob" but we can hear its heartbeat now! it's getting more "real" ....and my third visit to the gynae was 2 days ago on the 5th May and the baby is now taking shape and we can see it's hands and legs!!! so exciting. i felt very touched then.

amazing ! and it's only 2.5+ cm tiny precious .... and while we were all looking at it (doc, hubbie and myself), it's left hand suddenly moved. like it was waving at us ..... it's amazing .... like it knew that we were looking intently at it and it wanted to let us know that it's fine?! and it's legs too started to move. like the baby was in dancing. so utterly amazing.

continue to pray for God's protection over the baby. and also for ourselves that we follow in His ways in bringing up this child in the ways of the Lord.

also, thank God for sisters-in-christ whom i've got to know in hong kong who are so kind and helpful. To Pat, who introduced us the book "Praying for your Unborn Child" (by Francis and Judith McNutt) -- it's a really good prayer guide and offers insights to the development process and i would recommend it to all mums-to-be. and though she is in sydney and busy with her 2 children, family and ministry, continues to write and encourage me and pray for me.

To Ollie jie jie, who knew that i didn't feel like cooking during these last 2 months and therefore have been eating out most of the time, and took the trouble to bake muffins, bread, biscuits and share her home-cooked meals with me so that i get to eat some "healthy" stuff!!

To many others who pray with me and keep us in their prayer list.

Our parents are equally happy and excited for us. and i know that they are probably worried too since they are in singapore and we are here in hong kong. but Thank God for the love and support we have here in hong kong and the peace that God can grant when we choose to put our trust in Him.

i shall write another time...... byeeeee.

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