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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hong Kong 7s 2007

this year, we went to the Hong Kong 7s again(30 Mar -1 Apr)! (this is our 3rd time.... or izit our 4th??) anywayz.... no matter ....

this year it was even more difficult getting tickets and until a few days before the event, we thot we will be missing this year's event ..... but thanks to hubbie ..... hehehehe ..... we made it!

this year fei had his fav "chicken" headgear with him ...... i think its kinda of cute ;)

anywayz ...... we didn't realise it initially, but baby also attended the rugby 7s with us :) didn't feel a thing then and enjoyed the weekend tremendously .... ... helped by the knowledge on Sunday morning that a new life is being formed :)

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