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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

the weather

it's march and the last week or so, temperature has been ard mid-20s ... in fact i was feeling kind of dreadful that summer is coming and really wasn't looking to the hot and humid days that lies ahead.

and of course ....... expecting the higher temperatures ahead, i've already packed most of my winter clothing and guess what???!! it turned cool yesterday and today. Today it even reached 11 degrees ...... and me ...... i didn't want to bring out my winter clothes (most of which i've washed, folded and put away) .... i decided to wear hubbie's... hehehe. he is away and he had one woolly sweater hanging around ;)

dunno how the weather is going to be tmr .... but this sudden cool and warm temperature is not very comfortable .... not sure u know what i mean ..... it's like i'm juz getting used to the warmness and then suddenly, it's cool again ......hehehehe ...... but of course i like the cooler weather better ...... :)

actually, the weather a bit like the stock market in recent days ah ....... i think tomorrow is going to be another exciting day ....... :)

gooood nite .

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