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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Japan Travel - Nagoya

As we started our journey in tokyo, to reach Shirakawago, we passed through nagoya and i planned for a nite's stay @ Gero a hotspring town.

Nagoya, was, a disappointment for us. Probably because most of the sites, castle, shrine etc, we have seen similar or even more "majestic" ones in the other japanese cities that we have been. In the end, we decided that it will be juz a lunch stop and we headed straight to GERO.

So, errr, i think we won't be back in nagoya anytime soon. unless we need to use it as a base to visit other areas.

GERO, we didn't have much time to explore the town as it grew dark very early. so, we spent our time in our ryokan hotel exploring it, the foot baths, and the hotsprings. hehehe. of course, we cannot take pictures in the hotspring bath.

Minoriso ryokan which we stayed in, is on a hill and provides an excellent view of the town. only complain i have about the ryokan is the food ...... it's ....... normal ..... hahahaha ..... maybe i've developed high expectations of meals served in ryokans. but of course, the previous 2 ryokans i stayed in (in hakone and ito) are traditional ryokans and costs us more.

to be fair, the food is good and the quantity ..... huge .... it's just not "delicate" enough ..... i think i am "spoilt" ..... heehee. but our room was excellent, big and with a private bath. very value for money.

the good thing abt Gero is the journey between gero and takayama -- it is lovely. i can imagine how it is to travel on the orient express .... it would be something like the train ride we had between gero and takayama .....(i am talking about the views, not the inside of the train ;p) even though it was early and rainy, our mood wasn't spoilt and we enjoyed the hour-long journey much.


Anonymous said...

Hello, how do you do? I am a native of Nagoya. I am sorry that you did not really enjoy Natoya trip. Indeed, Nagoya is not very attractive in terms of tourism. Nagoya would have been fun if you had stayed as a resident. Nagoya is not so busy as Tokyo and Osaka. But it is still a big city, and advanced in urban infrastructure. Moreover, Nagoya has unique cuisine, such as "miso-nikomi", "miso-katsu", "tebasaki", etc..

Ms Long said...

hi there, sorry if u felt bad about my comment on Nagoya. It's juz my perspective as a tourist and comparing it to other japanese cities i've visited. I do not mean to offend. And yes, i've tried the local unique cuisine that you have mentioned, the miso claypot, the chicken and miso-katsu etc!

Anonymous said...