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Monday, December 18, 2006

Japan Travel - In Shirakawago

Shirakawa-go is a very small village ..... and the huts -- they are called gassho-zukuri -- traditional vernacular farmhouse-style houses. To withstand the weight of heavy snow, the angle of the roof is sharp. and there are around 150 such houses in this village. so u can imagine how small the area is.

We arrived around 1 pm and it was a wet and rainy day. Initially i felt kind of dreadful ... cold and wet isn't a very good start and i was looking forward to seeing the "beautiful" sight as seen on postcards. ;) but surprisingly, it was still easy to walk about as the rain was light. we even managed to trek up to the "observatory" hill to take pictures of the entire village which is in the post below.

And of course, enjoy a leisurely lunch of HIDA-beef in one of the local restaurants. Be warned, when u come to a village such as this, there's not much to do at night. we were tired ..... and so we slept ard 8pm!!!! very early ah! even for my standard......hahahaha. actually, the few times i've stayed in the "country-side", it's always like this, sleep early, wake up early!

The minshuku we stayed in was very well kept and clean -- as you would imagine a japanese home. we shared the facilities (bath and toilet) with 3 other persons who were staying there at the same time. A japanese couple and an american lady. with breakfast and dinner provided, i felt it was a reasonable price @ 8000+ yen per person. (japan standards lah!) and the hosts are usually very friendly and nice ..... despite our language handicap ;) somehow, we manage to communicate ... .....

when we left shirakawa-go the next morning, it was a pretty fine morning ... and on the bus ride to takayama, seems like the Lord knew i was disappointed not to see snow in shirakawa-go, he decided to "reward" me with a snow-fall ....... right in the comfort of our bus, where we are warm and cosy.... :) .... and our destination takayama was bright and sunny, although cold.... perfect for exploring the old streets, corners and nooks.

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