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Thursday, December 21, 2006

China Travel - Lijiang - I will be back

When we first arrived in Lijiang - i honestly didn't know what to expect. We had juz came from Kunming city and kunming was juz OK, nothing spectacular, u know what i mean? but i was of course looking forward to lijiang as i've heard so many things about it, and also, we are going to stay @ banyan tree, my first stay in a banyan resort. Was looking forward to a good rest, the travelling the past week kind of tired me out.

Banyan was excellent! i will post pictures of it later. But back to Lijiang. Geez, the blue skies .... endless blue skies .....and vast vast land got me hooked. I honestly thought that in hkg/china, it's unlikely we will get to see clear blue skies ..... i was sooooo wrong. The Gu3 Cheng2 (old city)was quaint and reminds me of venice u know ..... it has its charms. We went to another old town Shu He which was equally rustic ... the ke4 zhan4 (guest houses) .... will probably make good locations for a martial arts film. Oh, i think one of Zhang Yi Mou's movie was filmed in Shu He.

The streams that run through Shu He apparently originates from the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (Yu4 Long2 Xue3 Shan1) and it's crystal clear. and i think locals use the water for washing their vegetables and cooking too. and it's so cold, it's used to iced-beer. the place is just quaint and brings one back in time.

Know something, apparently, the Naxi ethnic tribe which is one of the tribes you can find in Lijiang, the women are the ones who work hard for the familiy. Whilst the men enjoys the leisurely activities like playing chess and stuff. I am glad i am not from the Naxi tribe. Haha.

One drawback, everytime i travel in china is the toilets and food. sometimes i am glad i wore my sunglasses in the toilet, i see less of things.....hahaha ... ok ok, better don't to be grouse here.

and for a person like me, where food is integral to my holiday experience, i don't eat a lot of chinese food when i travel in china..... cos i don't particularly enjoy them .... guess that's why i always prefer japan as a holiday destination .....hehehehe.

the food we had in the Gu Cheng was decent (hotpot, roasted duck, local delicacies) ...... but ........ guess what, the meal i enjoyed the most, was probably the breakfast and dinner provided @ banyan during our stay ..... ;p

the 2 days we had in Lijiang was simply insufficient ...... there's so much more that we wanted to do...... so u bet we'll be back in lijiang again and hopefully, make it to shangrila as well. In fact, the next trip, i hope we will be able to go with some frens, that will be more fun!!

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