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Thursday, September 21, 2006

**Shock Shock**

this is like the most trivial of things ...... but i am depressed.... my weight has creeped up once again and it is fast approaching 60kg ..... which is really really scary .....

the last time i weighed myself in aug, i was 56.5kg, which though not my ideal weight, was at least acceptable.

blame it on my lack of discipline - haven't been exercising much cos of work (excuse excuse) and of course, i've not been very careful of what i eat ..... i eat what i want and sometimes excessively!!

aiyahzzzzzz -- i must go on a diet (again!) .... what a pain. hahahaha.

1 comment:

boggled_mind94 said...

Me too...I need to go on a weight is 58kg and I am at least 10 cm shorter than you :( The problem is I can't seem to stop eating. Everytime I tell myself, eat healthily...I end up eating the most unhealthy of food.