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Friday, September 08, 2006

french holiday???

since starting work, have been rather lazy posting ;p also, nothing very exciting is happening in my life u c.... everyday wake up, go to work, after work, go home, sleep, wake up the next day for work ..... ;p hahahaha sounds pathetic!

ok ok, so it's not that pathetic, i go to the gym, pray, read the bible, go to church and stuff ..... but u get the drift, there isn't much exciting happening at this moment.

and so, to make my life more interesting, i decided to work on a french holiday itinerary!! ahahahahaha ... maybe i have the "potential" to be a tour planner! i did quite a fair bit of research and how i regret that!

cos i am like, let's go to france NOW!!!! but alas, that is not possible at this moment.

anybody interested in my itineraries?? Yes, i did up 3 itineraries!!! hahahaha, one is a 20+day itinerary covering north and south of france. the other 2 are shorter itineraries, one covering more the south of france, the other north/central.

i will be glad to share the itinerary cos i don't think i will have much use for it now ...

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