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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Property in singapore

during my last trip back to singapore, had some time over the weekend to check out some new developments back home.

wellz, not that we were looking to buy a property immediately, juz that so much talk about rising property prices and so forth, decided to "look see look see" as to what's available on the market.

of course those located in the prime districts, prices have already climbed by a fair bit .... and don't think we can afford it lah. and so we looked @ the east and upcoming west. the new devts are indeed pricey ;( and so it lead me to think about why am i looking at properties now? when prices are climbing.

maybe we are afraid we will miss the "boat" so to speak; maybe it's that herd mentality, "everyone's" buying??? maybe it's juz a "desire" .... hahahah

but after giving much thought, i think it's not time for us to buy now lah. i think if i really want to, i should look at property stocks to hedge the rising property prices ...... hahahaha ....easier said than done. due to my "indecision" and a wrong call made, i've already missed 2 stocks that made the "run" this month. now back to waiting. one thing i've to develop, patience. ;)

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