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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Japan Travel - Jogosaki Coast (near Ito)

From Inaba Ryokan in Ito, we travelled to Jogosaki Coast to view the suspension bridge (which is nothing lah!), but the coastline view is very nice and the waters, crystal clear :)

The train ride to Jogosaki was abt 25mins, but we had to walk 30 mins to reach the coast line. Walking there was fine. We thought we can find a buz or something to take us to the train station, but alas..... this place is so secluded, we cudn't find the bus stop ..... we had to walk back to the station, which is another 30 mins and was really very very tired!!

Good thing we found a lil' coffee place -- to rest and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of this town. nobody walks on the streets, there's hardly any cars and we suspect it's a "retirement" village of sorts ..... cos it's so far from civilisation, it's hard to imagine young, lively folks living here..... ;)

And then we head off to Kawazu to view the waterfalls ..... pictures as below!

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